Hybrid Sensorium

With a self-ironical approach, the project is calling the subjects of the monstrous and perpetually insatiable Tra to her feeding ritual. The entire exhibition takes place in Womb of Tra, a giant cocoon-shaped sensorial capsule that can pulse, change color and give you sound feedback as you approach and enter it.

Beyond time and space

Feeding Tra is very much like making a ritual journey: she swallows her visitors through the input opening and vomits them, transformed. Once you immerse into the womb, seven 2.5-D animation movies break the organic substance of the cocoon and urge you to pass through into an eerie world of repetitive sequences beyond time and space.

A Sacred Egg

In the middle of this world lies the (interactive) Sacred Egg that invites you to offer your head, swallows it and feeds on your energy to return to life. After connecting your head to its orifice, you are able to determine the actions of the artwork and become part of it.