FEED ME is a ludic experiment that explores the relation between the artwork and its public. With a self-ironical approach, the project is calling the subjects of monstrous and perpetually insatiable Tra to her feeding ritual: the entire exhibition is a live organism that feeds on the energy produced by the movements of the public. It is an interactive multimedia capsule that carries a dynamic platform where everything moves, pulses and reacts to motion on a common rhythm.

The exhibition space is structured in narrowing concentric circles, creating several worlds that include each other and cocoon around a magical protection space, thus the public is activated on several levels. Once you immerse into “Womb of Tra”, real and virtual space overlap and you become a pawn playing, almost against your will, the game of alienation induced by repetitive routine actions. Feed Me project creates a multidimensional space hungry to absorb your attention and use the force of your body. The “user” can enter the artwork and has access to its controlling mechanisms; the artwork becomes an extension of his/her hands and head, and the anonymous visitor is transformed into a creator, because only his/her energy gives a meaning to the entire exhibition.